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1. Bamboo Thai Mixed Starter                                      £8.00

Includes 2 Satay Gai, 2 Thai fish cakes

2 Popia Tod, 2 Sesame prawn toast.

2. Satay Gai                                                                    £4.00

Marinated chicken strips on wooden skewers,

Served with peanut sauce and cucumber dip (4)

3. Garlic and Pepper Chicken Wings                            £4.00

Deep fried chicken wings marinated in

Garlic and pepper, seasoned with coriander (4)

4. Popia Tod (Thai Spring rolls)                                    £4.00

Thai Homemade pork spring rolls.

Served with Plum sauce. (4)

5. Popia Pak (Vegetarian spring rolls)                          £4.00

Homemade vegetarian spring rolls

served with plum sauce. (4)

6. Kanom Pung Na Krung (Sesame prawn toast)        £4.00

Deep fried marinated prawns on toast with with

sesame seeds, served with Thai sweet chilli sauce. (4)

7. Tod Man Pla (Thai Fishcakes)                                   £4.00

Served with sweet chilli sauce. (5)

8. Goong Shup Pang Tod (Deep fried king prawns)    £5.00

Deep fried King prawns in a light and crispy batter served

with Thai sweet chilli sauce. (4)

9. Gradoog Moo Ob (Spare Ribs)                                  £5.50

Pork spare ribs marinated with our special sauce and

cooked until the meat nearly falls off the bone.

Thai Soups

Your Choice of:       Chicken                 £5.50

                               King Prawns          £6.00

                               Mixed Veg & Tofu  £5.00   

10. Tom Yum

A traditional sour and spicy fragrant broth, seasoned with lemon grass, lime leaves, mushrooms, chilli and lime juice.

11. Tom Kha

A distinctive taste of southern Thailand with coconut milk, galangal, fresh coriander, spring onions, chilli and lime juice.

Noodle & Rice Boxes

Served ready to eat straight from the box!

Choose your meat and size of box.

12. Pad Thai (N)

Famous Thai stir-fry. Thin rice noodles with egg, bean-sprouts, ground peanuts, carrots, spring onions, chilli and tofu. Cooked in our home made Pad Thai sauce.

13. Pad Kee Mow (drunken Noodles or Rice)

Steamed Jasmine rice or wide rice noodles with garlic, bamboo slices, chillies, egg, green beans, baby sweet corn, carrot, mushroom and basil.

14. Pad Mee Lung

Egg noodles with garlic, egg, Chinese mushrooms, Chinese leaf, spring onion, carrots, mushrooms and coriander, stir-fried in our delicious homemade stir-fry sauce.

15. Pad Si Ew

Thai classic dish of wide rice noodles with garlic, spring greens, Spanish onions, broccoli, egg, carrots, stir-fried with homemade stir-fry sauce.

16. Suki Haeng (Suki Dry)

Glass noodles with mushrooms, egg, carrots, garlic, coriander, broccoli, spring onions and Chinese leaf, stir-fried with sukiyaki sauce.

17. Pad Prew Wan (Sweet & Sour)

Egg noodles stir-fried with pineapple, pepper, onion, baby sweet corn, cucumber and tomato in a special homemade Thai sweet and sour sauce.

18. Thai Curry Box with Noodles

Your choice of Thailand’s famous Green, Red, Yellow, Panang or Massaman curry. Stir-fried with egg noodles.

19. Thai Curry Box with Rice

Your choice of Thailand’s famous Green, Red, Yellow, Panang or Massaman curry. Served on top of a portion of steamed Thai Jasmine rice.

38. Khao Pad - Thai egg fried rice with carrots, broccoli, pineapple, Spanish onions, tomato, served with sliced cucumber and lime.

50. Bamboo Thai Singapore Noodles

Thin egg noodles fried with celery, mixed peppers, carrots, spring onions, and bean-sprouts, cooked with curry flavoured sauce.

Your choice of:             Small     Regular     Large

Chicken or Pork           £6.00     £7.00         £8.00

Beef                               £6.50     £7.50         £8.50

King Prawns                 £7.00     £8.00         £9.00

Mixed Veg & Tofu         £5.50     £6.50         £7.50

Stir Fried Dishes

All stir fried dishes are served with FREE steamed Thai Jasmine rice.


Your choice of:   Chicken or Pork  £8.00

                           Beef                     £8.50

                           King Prawns       £9.00

                           Mix Veg & Tofu   £7.50

22. Pad Prew Wan (Sweet & Sour)

Stir fried with pineapple, mixed peppers, broccoli, tomato, carrots, cucumber, Spanish onions, baby corn, in our homemade sweet and sour sauce.

23. Pad Num Mon Hoy

Stir fried mushrooms, carrots, Chinese leaf, spring greens, baby corn, Spanish onions, mixed peppers, and broccoli in oyster sauce.

24. Pad Graprao

Spicy and aromatic with fresh chillies, green beans, bamboo, mushrooms, baby corn, carrots, Spanish onions and basil cooked in our homemade stir-fry sauce.

25. Pad Prik Thai dum

Stir fried with spring onions, carrots, mixed peppers, with black pepper in oyster sauce.

26. Pad Med Mamuang (N)

Stir fried with cashew nuts, pineapple, carrots, mushrooms, Spanish onions and dry chilli.

Thai Noodle Soups

Thai noodle soups are served with a portion of Thai chilli flakes for you to add if you wish.

Your choice of:      Chicken or Pork   £7.50

                              Beef                      £8.00

                              King Prawns        £8.50

                              Mix Veg & Tofu    £7.00

20. Bami Nam

Egg noodles in Thai soup with bean sprouts, spring onions, carrots, broccoli, spring greens and coriander.

21. Kuai-tiao Nam

Rice noodles in soup with bean sprouts, spring onions, carrots, broccoli, spring greens, Chinese leaf and coriander.

51. Suki Nam

Glass Noodles in soup with mushrooms, egg, carrots, garlic, broccoli, Chinese leaf, spring onion, coriander, and sukiyaki sauce.

Curry Dishes

All curry dishes are served with a FREE portion of Thai Jasmine Rice

Your choice of:   Chicken or Pork      £8.50

                           Beef                         £9.00

                           King Prawns            £9.50

                           Mixed Vegetables    £8.00

27. Gaeng Keowan (Thai Green Curry)

Thailand’s Famous Green curry, with authentic Thai flavours. Cooked in coconut milk and green curry sauce with green beans, aubergines, mushrooms, broccoli, lime leaves, Spanish onions and fresh basil.

28. Gaeng Phed (Thai Red Curry)

Classic Thai curry with authentic Thai flavours. Cooked in coconut milk and red Thai curry sauce with aubergines, bamboo, mushrooms, green beans, red chillies, lime leaves, Spanish onions and fresh basil.

29. Gaeng Gree (Thai Yellow Curry)

A mild yellow curry with rich flavours. With coconut milk, onions, fried potatoes, carrots, coriander seeds and fried shallots.

30. Gaeng Mussaman (Massaman Curry) (N)

Creamy curry with chunky pieces of fried potato, carrots, shallots, Spanish onions, Thai herbs and a delicious peanut flavoured coconut sauce.

31. Panang

Thick curry flavoured with coconut milk, fresh chillies, bamboo, green beans, Spanish onions, carrots, and lime leaves.

Thai Salads

Please state how spicy you would like it when ordering.

32. Som Tam (Thai Papaya salad) (N)                         £7.50

Healthy salad, very popular with Thai people. Green papaya, tomatoes, lime juice, fresh chillies, roasted peanuts, garlic and green beans.

33. Larb Gai/Moo                                                           £7.50

Spicy Chicken or Pork salad with lime juice, coriander, spring onions, mint leaves, lime leaves and chilli powder.

Kids Dishes

All kids dishes are served in a small noodle box without spices added.

45. Egg Noodles                                                            £5.00

Egg noodles stir fried with Chicken or Pork with broccoli

and carrots.

46. Rice Noodles                                                           £5.00

Rice noodles stir fried with Chicken or Pork with broccoli

and carrots.

47. Egg Fried Rice                                                         £5.00

Egg Fried rice stir fried with Chicken or Pork with broccoli

and carrots. Served with cucumber slices.

Side Dishes

34. Khao Suey - Steamed Thai Jasmine Rice               £1.50

35. Khao Pad Kai - Coconut Rice                                 £2.50

36. Khao Pad Kai - Egg Fried Thai rice                         £2.50

37. Khao Niew - Sticky rice with chilli dip                       £2.50

 (Chicken or Pork)

39. Egg Noodles                                                           £2.50

40. Prawn Crackers                                                      £1.50

41. Chips                                                                       £2.00

42. Dips - Sweet Chilli, Plum sauce, Peanut sauce       £0.50

Dishes marked with (N) means this dish contains nuts. Please be aware that although dishes that are not marked with an (N) do not contain nuts in their ingredients, we cannot guarantee that traces of nuts are not present due to nuts being used in our kitchen. For any other allergies please speak to our staff.

All our dishes are prepared individually when ordered.

Therefore there may be a short wait for your order to be prepared.

Please let us know if you have any special requirements when you order.

Drinks                                         Mango, Lychee, Guava     £1.40

Cans - Coke, Diet Coke, 7UP      £0.90                Roasted Coconut Juice     £1.40

Spring water                               £0.90                Thai Ice Tea                         £2.00

Lipton Tea                                   £1.40                Thai Ice Lemon Tea            £2.00